Traffic Authority Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I access my clipboard?

When something is “saved to your clipboard” it is really just copied the same as you would copy anything else manually. You can paste whatever is currently saved to your clipboard by right clicking and selecting Paste or by holding Ctrl and pressing V on your keyboard.  You can also hold Ctrl and press C which will copy or save something new to your “clipboard.”

Q:  What link(s) do I advertise?

You have two links in pre-launch that can be used to build your pre-launch downline. Both of them can be found at the bottom of every page in the Marketing Training section. During pre-launch you really only need to be focused on getting your existing downline over to Traffic Authority and building that downline.

Once we officially launch we will be providing our members with sales-paths that can be used to generate leads, build their teams, and earn commissions. For the time being there are no such things as leads. You’re creating Team Members right now, and on the 19th when we launch you and your Team Members will have 72 hours to join the full launch system and start building your businesses. Everyone is allowed to create a free pre-launch account to secure their position for the launch right now.

Q:  How do I change my account information?

You can change everything other than your username in the pre-launch back office on the Profile page. If you need to change your username please submit a support request with your current username and what you want to change it to. As long as the username you want is available we will manually change it for you. After pre-launch you will have the ability to change this yourself in the Profile section.

Please keep in mind that any changes made to your username will affect what you use to login as well as all of your pre-launch URLs. This means if you have any advertising out there with the old URL then you will need to make sure you pull the old URLs down or update them to the new URL with your updated username.

Q:  Who is allowed to join Traffic Authority? Is this business limited to people in the United States / Canada?

As long as you have an internet connection you are more than welcome to become a Traffic Authority member. Even though our traffic comes from the US/Canada we accept members worldwide.

Q:  How are commissions going to be paid out?

Traffic Authority commissions will be paid out via ewallet through iPayout. This payout option can be used by most people worldwide and will remove the limitations other payout methods can cause for international members. More information about this will be released at the official launch.  In the meantime get your credentials together in the form of 2 ID’s - Drivers License and a Utility Bill. Scan and save them on your computer, and be ready to upload them to iPayout to get your ewallet approved.

Q:  When will I be able to purchase traffic packages and the other products we are selling?

When pre-launch ends you (and your downline) will be able to start purchasing all of the products we offer. There will be a 72 hour grace period starting at the end of pre-launch on 8/19/15, which is when everyone can make their product selections to position themselves for maximum compensation.

At the end of this grace period all positions will effectively “lock” into place. Basically this means that you will have 72 hours to make sure you are qualified for everything you want to be qualified for before any commissions will have a chance to be passed upline to someone who is actually qualified to receive them.

Q:  How does the Compensation Plan work? What are the changes from ILS?

  •  Removal of Pass-Ups:

There will be NO PASS-UPS in Traffic Authority. This means every person who you introduce to the business will always remain on your team and on your payline coded to you. We eliminated the risk factor that you could lose a huge leader from your team. Instead there will be commission sharing at either 50/50 or 80/20 with your sponsor.

  • Commission Sharing:

This refers to 50/50 and 80/20 commission sharing between you and your sponsor I mentioned earlier. Once qualified to receive commissions each member will make 6 product sales for each product type (Traffic Optimizer, Traffic Academy, and Traffic packages) that they will split 50/50 with their sponsor. The reasoning for this is new members will require more assistance from their sponsor as they are learning the business. There is also an aspect of earning your way to higher commissions (80/20) that is important. No one becomes successful without paying their dues. It is fair because it will be the same for everyone, no exceptions.

This provides incentive for existing members/leaders to always be recruiting new resellers because this will assure they always have team members sharing 50% of their sales. After 6 sales of each product type starting on the 7th sale you will earn 80/20 for each sale meaning 80% of the commission will go to you and 20% to your sponsor.

A quick discussion of the commission sharing as it relates to Traffic sales. All members will refer 6 Traffic sales (no matter the package size type) at 50/50 and the 7th Traffic sale and beyond will be 80/20. These first 6 sales may be on any Traffic package size ranging from Basic to Diamond. They will simply be counted in the order they are made.

  • Product Purchase Requirements to Earn Commissions:

There will be no product purchase requirement in order to sell that product or earn commissions on any products at Traffic Authority. Any reseller may market any product from our product line which will include the Traffic Optimizer, Traffic Academy, and Traffic packages.

You may only receive commissions on products that you are qualified to receive. In order to gain access to the comp plan if you have chosen to come in as a free member you will have to pay the Reseller License of $20 per month. For your first 3 sales of any product type you will pass them up 100% (the people and commissions). Then your 6 sales at 50/50 start to kick in as you move from free member to active affiliate member, providing you are in good standing with the company and your reseller license is up to date.

  •  How do I get qualified for the different products?

There are two ways to become qualified. The fastest and most effective way to become qualified is to purchase the products yourself outright. This gives you credibility, experience with the product, and immediate qualification.

The second way for you to qualify for any product is to sell them to your team or in the retail marketplace. It takes 3 referred sales to qualify to receive commissions on Traffic Optimizer and Traffic Academy. While you will refer the commissions for these product sales to your sponsor or next qualified upline member, the person who purchased the product from you will remain on your team.

  •  Traffic Qualification and explanation of the Qualification Bank:

Traffic qualification works a bit differently because there are 7 different Traffic package sizes ranging from $220 to $8,397. Again, there are two ways to become qualified.

The first way is to purchase a Traffic package directly. For example, if you were to purchase a Gold Traffic package for $1,097 you will be qualified Basic through Gold immediately. You would not be qualified to receive Platinum, Titanium, or Diamond Traffic commissions. If a customer of yours was to purchase a Diamond Traffic package that commission would roll upline to your sponsor or the next reseller upline from you who is qualified to receive a Diamond Traffic commission. You would however retain that person on payline at all times and be eligible to receive any future commissions from them as long as you are qualified at the time they make their purchase.

The second way to earn a qualification for a traffic level is through the Qualification Bank. In the above example, you don’t get the commission for the Diamond package since you weren’t qualified to receive it. One third of the retail value of that package will be added to your Qualification Bank. Once your Qualification Bank reaches the cost of a new traffic level, you are qualified at that level.

On top of that, any purchases you make are added directly to your Qualification Bank, dollar for dollar. That means if you buy two Basic packages for $220 each, your Qualification Bank is at $440 and you are now Bronze qualified. This provides a huge incentive for you and your team to continuously buy traffic and build your business.

For example if you were not qualified to receive any traffic commissions, you would need to sell 3 Basic packages at $220 each to earn a Basic Qualification. You will not get any commission on those 3 sales since you weren’t qualified when you made the sales, but each time you sell one $73.33 will be added to your Qualification Bank bringing the total to $220 and automatically making you qualified to receive Basic commissions from that point forward.

As you develop your understanding of Traffic Authority’s Comp Plan you will quickly come to understand 2 things: 1st, Commissions are earned from the sale of products. You will be very focused on the sales volume of your direct team members. 2nd, Building and supporting your team will be mission critical as 50% to 80% of your income will be paid on your team's effort and the sales volume they create. Help your team make sales.

Q:  Will my ILS Qualification Level carry over to Traffic Authority when the official launch happens?

Yes. Any Qualification Level earned in the Infinite Leverage System will be carried over to Traffic Authority. More information regarding this will be released as we move closer to launch.

Q:  Will my current ILS subscription carry over?

Yes, your current monthly subscription to ILS will be carried over and your next billing date will remain the same. The monthly fee of $51.95 for ILS will switch to the $47 per month Traffic Authority membership. This includes the $27 monthly Traffic Optimizer subscription and the $20 Re-seller License.

On 8/19/15 all current active ILS members will become Traffic Authority members and ILS will be closed down. All commissions remaining in ILS will be paid out to the members entitled to them. As always only commissions that actually clear will be paid out, pending commissions that haven’t yet been received (for example trial members who haven’t paid yet) will not be paid but those people will become Traffic Authority members and have the opportunity to purchase products and generate commissions for you.

Q:  Can I start promoting the Traffic Authority Pre-Launch using traffic I purchased in ILS?

Yes, you can do this. Just login to your ILS account and change the landing page URL for your traffic order to the Traffic Authority pre-launch link found in the Marketing Training section of your Traffic Authority back office.

Q:  Will our ILS Leads be invited to Traffic Authority or do we need to do this manually?

We have already begun emailing all ILS leads with an invitation to Traffic Authority. All of your leads have been sent an email with your pre-launch join link so they can sign up to be on your downline in Traffic Authority. You are welcome to contact them on your own if you wish.


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