How to Get Support for Traffic Authority


Step 1: Set up a Support Account

Having problems?  In order to submit a support ticket and receive a reply, you'll first need to create an account with our Support Desk.  This will differ from your Traffic Authority membership (though you may use the same password for both, if you wish).

To create a Support Desk account, just CLICK HERE.  You will be asked to provide your full name (make sure this is the name that appears on your membership), your contact email address, and will ask you to enter a special code to verify your account.

Once you have done this, a welcome email will be sent to the address you provide, which will contain a link and instructions on creating your Support Desk password.  Please be sure to keep track of your password and the email address you provide, as these will be necessary in order to send/receive tickets.

Note: If you do not receive that email within a few minutes of setting up your account, please check your mail program's spam and junk folders.  You may also have to check directly with your ISP/mailhost to make sure that they are not screening messages before they hit your inbox.

Step 2: Login to your Support Account

Once you have finished Step 1 (or, if you already have an account with our Support Desk, please login by CLICKING HERE.  Provide your Support Desk email address and password, then click the "Log in" button.

Step 3: Submit a Support Ticket

When logged in, CLICK HERE to submit a ticket to our support desk.  Be sure to include your account username and full name, as well as be very detailed in your help request.  The more detailed information you can provide, the better we will be able to assist you.  Don't forget to include a Subject to your ticket, and to use the pulldown to Request Topic.

Once completed, click the "Submit" button. Support tickets can take up to 48 hours for a response during business days, although the turnaround time may be a bit longer over weekends/holidays.  Be sure to allow time for our agents to reply, and do not bog down support by sending in multiple tickets about the same issue.

Step 4: Review or Edit Open/Pending Tickets

If you would like to check the status on tickets you recently submitted, log in to your Support Desk account and CLICK HERE.  Here, you will see a listing of all tickets that have not been answered by our Support Team, tickets that are being researched, or ones that are awaiting further information.

Step 5: Review Answered/Solved Tickets

Once a ticket has been answered by our support staff, they appear as Solved Tickets which are separated from any open or pending tickets.  To review solved tickets, please log in to your Support Desk account here.


"Please understand that Traffic Authority is a friendly community, and be sure to treat our support team as such, as they are here to help.  Use of profanity, rude or abusive behavior will not be tolerated".

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